Operating Principles

Operating Principles

Operating Principles: How We Make Decisions


As a customer-driven company, we encourage our employees to build relationships with clients, enabling eddukko to seamlessly and efficiently serve customers' needs. Our clients' perspectives help to design our business model, ensuring teammates understand what customers want, how the company is perceived, and how Eddukko's services are valued. We build products and deliver services to satisfy customer needs through teams of talented and passionate employees.


We constantly evaluate our development process to identify ways to serve our clients better. This responsive approach enables us to uphold our commitment to quality. Before delivery of any product, team members will ensure that each detail matches the client's request. Through our expansive quality assurance program, we aim to deliver products that are 100% error free. This commitment to quality is part of our culture and is a point of pride to all of our teammates.


Continuous improvement is very important to eddukko. We strive to improve our operating principles with a disciplined and consistent approach. Our goal is to deliver the kind of innovative services and products our clients expect by conducting independent education and best-practice research, participating in industry conventions, and implementing an internal improvement model.


It is a priority of eddukko to be a part of groundbreaking innovation in our industry. Whether it be the introduction of 'm-learning' with smart phones and tablets, or educational game simulations, we will be ahead of the curve, offering our clients solutions that utilize innovative designs that expand their reach.


Be Engaging
Poorly planned training programs cost companies thousands of hours in lost time and millions of dollars in unnecessary expenses each year. These programs fail because they are created by those who don't understand instructional methodology. As part of our development process, we conduct a thorough analysis of the learner and context of instruction. This allows us to build a comprehensive profile of the intended audience. That information is then used in development of activities, lessons, and interactions so that each is relevant and engaging to the learner. This ensures that each training program we deliver is efficient and successful.


We understand that it's tough to do business in today's economy. In response, we have created streamlined services and products that offer our clients maximum flexibility and quality while lowering the cost and time of development. Our research and development efforts are dedicated to finding new ways to provide our clients great value while simultaneously increasing our reach in the industry. We believe everyone should be able to afford high-quality training and we are committed to being the best value full-service training solutions provider.


Be In Love
When you love what you do, people will notice! At eddukko, we search for teammates that are passionate about learning and we provide experiences and opportunities that encourage them to achieve their maximum potential. We believe that happy employees who love their career are more creative and have more pride in their work. This means that the products and services we offer our clients are created with special care and dedication.