Our strategic partnerships allow us to expand our reach, services and solutions. These relationships also provide our partners with many of the same benefits. 

We understand that for a partnership to work, it must be a win-win relationship. All of our partnership relationships are built around you, our partners. We value your contribution and work hard to maintain a productive and beneficial partnership. 

Benefits of Eddukko Partnerships

    • Enhance your services options
    • Expand the solutions you offer your customers
    • Grow your business
    • Reach new customers and markets
    • Increase sales and recurring revenue
    • Engage in emerging research and development 




Types of Partnerships

Course and Content Partners

This strategic partnership allows us to provide our clients a wide range of out-of-the-box courses that can be delivered online and in the classroom. The topics of these courses are varied and including hospitality, change management, sales, and human resources.

Sales Partners

This strategic partnership allows us to expand our services and solutions to markets around the world. Similarly, this relationship allow our partners to increase their reach in various markets.

Technology Partners

This strategic partnership allows us to expand our technology-based options. These include leaning management systems, 3D animation, and game design.

Staffing Partners

This strategic partnership allows us to work with highly qualified individuals in instructional design, web development, graphic artists and project managers in different markets around the world. Similarly, our partners have access to our network of qualified staff.

Video Production and Sound Partners

This strategic partnership allows us to offer our clients a full array of video production and voiceover talent to create production quality media.


For more information on partnership opportunities, contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.