Instructional Design

Instructional Design

What is instructional design?

In short, instructional design is a method for designing, developing and delivering any type of instruction. Professionals who engage in instructional design investigate a need or problem and create a training solution that addresses those challenges.

Let us take a look at sample application of training development using instructional design principles...

Acme Corporation, a large insurance company with offices throughout the state of Michigan, is rolling out a new line of products within six months.To ensure a smooth transition, all 1,400 sales representative must be trained.

That's where we come in! This type of scenario is common in many organizations. Our team of instructional designers, graphic artists and developers can assess the need and create an effective solution that saves your organization time and money! Each solution is tailored to meet your specific needs.

There many reasons organizations may need training solutions, such as:

    • Establishing new processes or procedures
    • On-boarding/Hiring
    • Recurring training
    • Federal and local governmental agency requirements
    • Train-the-trainer


Our Approach

At Eddukko, we employ a comprehensive methodology know as a systems approach to instructional design. This approach is grounded in extensive research and has been demonstrated to be the most effective way to develop training programs.

What do we mean by "systems approach"?

A system is a set of many interrelated actions that work together toward a define goal or purpose. Consider the breaks in your car. This system provides the braking power needed to safely stop your car. It is comprised of brake pads, brake fluid, break lines, and master cylinder. If one or a combination of those parts where to fail, the system would not be able to meet its purpose of stopping the car. Much like the breaks in your car, the success of any instruction is reliant on the many contributing parts of the system.

The basic components of the any instructional design system are:

    • The learner
    • The instructor
    • The instructional material
    • The learning environment

During our development process, we gather information on each component and use it as the framework in creating learning solutions.