Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems

What is an Leaning Management System (LMS)?

While it may sounds complicated, an LMS is simply a web or intranet-based software application that allows you to host and administer eLearning courses for participant use. Once loaded, the program documents student interaction with the course such as when they logged in, grades and much more. In short, an LMS allows you to track and report of the progress of your employees and measure the ability of your course to meet the training objectives.

Do I need an LMS?

It depends. If you are simply looking to host a basic informational session, and it does not need to be monitored, tracked or documented, then no. You can host that directly to your website. For example, we host a sample eLearning course on our website that demonstrate our development process. Click here to watch the video. However, most eLearning, blended or ILT courses will require some level of tracking, or progress monitoring. In these applications, organizations will need the option to register participants, measure skills gap, track progress toward meeting goals as well as collect data on the effectiveness of each course. The best solution for this application is to use an LMS.

What are some typical features of an LMS?

    • Learner tracking and reporting
    • Web or intranet-based
    • Adheres to publishing standards (AICC, SCORM)
    • Participant registration (self, or administration)
    • Course management
    • Assignment and resource management
    • Assessment management
    • Social media integration

If this still sounds complicated, don't worry! We are here to help! Our LMS consulting services will help you get started!