Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

During a needs assessment consultation, we work with you to establish standards for a desired status. We will further investigate what steps are being taken by the organization to meet that desired status and analyze the outcome. The following is a brief outline of the process.

    • Identify the desired status of your organization – where the organization would like to be positioned
    • Identify the actual status of your organization – where the organizations is currently positioned
    • Establish and document a need – measured gap between desired and the actual status of the organization
    • Create way to measure the success of your training – to prove it was worthwhile

Once a need has been established, our developers will work with you to:

    • Identify training goals
    • Analyze learners and contexts
    • Create performance objectives

There are many questions you should ask yourself when establishing a need for training and we are here to guide you in answering these questions. Our needs assessment services will bring focus to your organization and help you address your needs in an efficient and cost effective manner. During our needs assessment consultation we answer the following questions:

    • Is there a clear need that has been established and verified?
    • Is the need foreseeable in the future as well as currently?
    • What type of instruction will be the most effective for our application?