All around the world, eLearning has seen a rapid growth. Many organizations are choosing eLearning as their preferred method of training because it saves time and money. Let's look at a few advantages to eLearning.


    • Can be conducted around your organization's schedule
    • Reduces travel time and travel costs
    • Courses are available anywhere in the world
    • Allows participants to work at their own pace
    • Fosters higher levels of participant interaction and participation
    • Provides a relaxed, judgment-free learning environment
    • Is well suited to accommodate different learning styles
    • Facilitate learning through a variety of activities no feasible in ILT training
    • Can be implement with fewer resources freeing managers

Each of our eLeaning courses are carefully designed using the information gathered from a needs assessment consultation. This ensures that every lesson is appropriate for the context of learning, the specific needs of the learner and performance objectives.

Interactive, responsive eLearning

eddukko interactive eLearning courses are designed for immediate interactivity. Long gone are the days of content filled pages followed by a test. Our courses engage the participant immediately allowing the learner to instantly apply newly gained knowledge. During the application, the participant received constant and immediate positive feedback that shapes his or her learning. Our responsive design encourages real-time learning and modification of behaviors that are key in efficient knowledge transfer!

Discovery eLearning
eddukko discovery eLearning courses allow participants to explore learning at their own pace while simultaneous providing feedback to facilitators. We find that this organic method of learning is well suited for adult learners.

Game and simulation eLearning
eddukko game and simulation-based eLearning courses engage students in various instructional events. They include:

1. Expose
2. Inquire
3. Discover
4. Create
5. Experiment
6. Share

Each event is embedded within the course and allows the participants to control the way they learn, within preprogrammed parameters. It gives the learner the flexibility to "play" while maintaining control of what is learned ensuring the knowledge gained is accurate. The magic is in allowing each event to influence the other. The result is a truly engaging experience that is guaranteed to impress your participants.