Learning Management System

Learning Management System

LMS Hosting

Want to setup an LMS for your organization? We can create a customized LMS, or provide an out-of-the-box option that is ready for immediate implementation. What's best, we take care of all the development, freeing your resources and lowering costs. We will also load your eddukko eLearning and mLearning courses, as well as any other courses into the LMS and get your organization ready to learn!

Customized LMS

Our customized options take advantage of open-source software, keeping development costs down while allowing expansive customization and reliability.

eddukko LMS

Don't have time or the budget for a custom LMS? eddukko LMS will provide all the benefits and features you expect from a learning management system at a affordable price. This option gives your organization immediate access to the system and is simple to learn.