learning anywhere and at any time.fwWhat is mLearning?

mLearning, or mobile learning, is training delivered through mobile devices. As the access and popularity of mobile devices continues to grow, organizations around the world are turning to mobile delivery of instruction as a way to increase the reach and flexibility of their training programs. Today mobilde devices give participants uninterrupted and immediate access to learning wherever they are. Thus, organizations that use mLearning provide their workforce the ability to be part of learning anywhere and at any time.

 What are the differences between eLearning and mLearning?

The fundamental difference between the two forms of training delivery is the technology used. eLearning is designed to be delivered on internet connected computers and iPads/tablets, while mLearning courses are designed for all mobile devices, including smart phones.
In most cases, mLearning experiences are built to augment more robust e-learning courses, not replace them. Because the design of mLearning courses are limited by the screen size and resolution of mobile devices, these courses are often rich in media that combines text, graphics and audio, such as videos.
If you are interested in delivering eLearning on iPads or other tablets, click here for more information.

Is mLearning really a viable source of instruction?

Yes. mLearning is accessible from virtually anywhere and like eLearning, it is also collaborative. Learners can share information instantly with other participants and employers can communicate with employees within seconds. Because of the size of the device, participants have immediate access to it at all times allowing instants instructional feedback and participants will have more flexibility to participate.

Below is a list of mLearning benefits to help you decide if this is an appropriate learning solution for your organization.

Top reasons to invest in mLearning.fw

Applications of mLearning 

Have a mobile workforce?

Eddukko mLearning solutions are perfect for participants whose job requires them to be highly mobile, but have the need to stay informed and properly trained. Participants can access their course while on-the-go to complete assignments, check results, cancellations, and so much more.
Other applications:

    • Push notifications
    • Training assessments/knowledge checks
    • Training pre-work
    • Tips and suggestions
    • Job aids
    • Video courses
    • Security staff training and real-time updates (e.g. local crime)
    • Learning outdoors (e.g. wildlife training)
    • Continuous learning
    • On-the-field military training
    • On-the-job training (location-bases and contextual learning)
    • Condensed courses
    • Surveys
    • Audits (e.g. Inventory)

Whatever your application, eddukko can build mLearning courses to meet your needs. Our network of experts have extensive knowledge of authoring tools such as Lectora Inspire, Articulate Storyline, HTML 5 coding, and various mobile platforms. This enables us to create amazing learning experiences.