Rapid Authoring

Rapid Authoring

Need a fast and cost effective learning solution?

Rapid Authoring is the best compromise between meeting the economic needs of your organization and its strategic goals. With this method, we can create learning solutions in days, instead of the months it typically takes to create robust eLearning courses. This is especially useful for organizations that see rapid change or need immediate implementation. For these organizations, the needs themselves may change if the development takes too long.

What can I expect from a rapid authorized course?

Our rapid authoring tools allow us to create learning experiences that include voice-over narration, imbedded and end-of-course assessments, and basic user interactivity. We can also include screencast or video screen capture to film and show screen and mouse interactions of software programs. This is powerful feature for presenting both a sequence of informational slides and application demonstrations.

Best of all, rapid authoring solutions can be hosted directly on your site, sparing you the time and expense of hosting a course on a learning management system. Of course, if your application requires it, rapid authoring solutions are fully functional on any LMS environment. For more information on LMS, click here.

Other rapid authoring applications:

    • Demonstrate and teach the use of software features
    • Provide a visual to strategic problem solving of potentially unclear written explanations
    • Help demonstrate how a given task is accomplished in a specific software environment
    • Record complete seminars and make them available to all attendees for future reference
    • Generate an additional revenue stream for the organization and reach a broader audience.
    • And much more!

Features of rapid authoring solutions:

    • Quizzing
    • Drag-and-drop interactions
    • Screencast
    • Tracking and reporting
    • HTML 5, Flash and Mobile device Compliant
    • Section 508 compliance